Example pottery forms used as a starting-point for PYOP workshops

Choose Your Piece

Each month, we unveil a new PYOP theme to go along with the season. We offer a variety of pieces within that theme across multiple price points, typically offering options from $25 to $60. If you can't decide, we're happy to offer add-on pieces at a discount.

Example PYOP workshop setup for an attendee showing included materials and supplies

Just Bring Yourself

Your PYOP ticket covers everything you need, from the piece itself, to the brushes and applicators, to a stunning array of over 40 glazes spanning the whole rainbow. Just bring your enthusiasm and a desire to create.

Our PYOP workshops typically last 3 hours. Bring a friend or make one here — all are welcome!

Instructors On-Hand

Need some guidance or inspiration? Our experienced instructors are there to assist you throughout every step of the process. We thrive on helping you bring your ideas to life and happily offer advice to help you achieve your vision.

Return for Your Masterpiece

After each workshop, PYOP pieces will be carefully fired in our kiln to the appropriate temperature to ensure each piece is food-ready, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. Typically, pieces are ready to be taken home 3 weeks after a workshop.

Pick-ups can be scheduled at your convenience via our scheduling page.

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