Private Lessons

Embark on a creative journey and discover the joy of creating your own handmade pottery with our comprehensive 1-on-1 instruction program. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll receive personalized guidance from experienced ceramic artist teachers who will help you master throwing on the pottery wheel and explore the full process of creating beautiful ceramic pieces.

Individualized Attention

Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction tailored to your skill level and goals. Our experienced ceramic artist teachers will provide personalized guidance, addressing your specific needs and helping you progress at your own pace.

Full Process Exploration

Dive into clay preparation, wedging, hand-building techniques, and surface decoration. Learn the fundamentals of pottery wheel throwing, from centering and shaping to trimming and finishing.

Build your pottery confidence as our instructors guide you through each step, teaching you techniques to create bowls, cups, vases, and more. Explore various forms and experiment with textures and designs as you develop your unique style.

Just Bring Yourself

We provide all the necessary supplies for your pottery journey. You'll receive 25 pounds of high-quality clay to bring your creative visions to life. Additionally, access to pottery wheels, tools, and glazing materials will be available throughout the program. All your pottery pieces will be fired in our professional kilns, ensuring the durability and permanence of your creations.

All Skill Levels Welcome

Prior experience in pottery is not required. This program is suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience looking to refine their skills.


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