Pottery Studio Membership

  • Hobbyist Potter

    $150 / month

    • 13 lb clay
    • 1 in-studio day per week
    • 1 clay storage cubby
    • 1 work shelf
  • Part-Time Potter

    $300 / month

    • 25 lb clay
    • 3 in-studio days per week
    • 1 clay storage cubby
    • 2 work shelves
  • Full-Time Potter

    $500 / month

    • 50 lb clay
    • Unlimited in-studio days
    • 2 clay storage cubbies
    • 4 work shelves
  • All Members

    • Personal storage space for both clay and in-progress pieces to minimize the headaches and heartbreaks associated with community studios
    • Choice of light buff, speckled tan, or dark mid-fire (cone 6) clay bodies, with the option to upgrade to more expensive and/or specialty mid-fire clays
    • All glaze and firings included for pieces made with the provided clay
    • Online scheduling system so you can reserve the piece of equipment or table space you need for your session
    • Monthly members-only make-and-mingle nights where we encourage experimenting with new techniques and learning from each other

Full Equipment Access

A complete studio assortment of pottery tools and machinery, including multiple wheels, slab roller, ribs, needle tools, sponges, rags, buckets, carving tools, trimming tools, Giffin Grip, slab molds, texture rollers, brushes, handle molds, and more.

Ample Workspaces

We offer four varieties of worktables totaling over 80 square feet of horizontal workspace to accommodate both standing and seated work, as well as multiple artists working at the same time.


Learn, grow, and share with a warm community of misfit makers. We welcome those that often feel "othered."

Whether you want to actively make or do some remote work, our space free wifi, a lounge area with armchairs and charging stations, and a stocked kitchenette.

Markets and More

Our studio hosts a small-scale photo booth, tripods, a translucent bounce screen, and a multitude of props for product photography.

Additionally, we encourage our members to release their wares into the world through markets and online sales. Ask about our market-share opportunities and online shop consignment.

Historic Industrial Location

Located in a repurposed bottle cap factory (circa 1906) in the bustling urban environment of the Highlandtown Arts District in southeast Baltimore city, our studio is made up of close to 800 square feet of open-concept space, featuring stunning natural light and open brick throughout the building.


Schedule a tour to reserve your spot in our studio