Our Values

Art is an act of resistance

When we opt to operate outside the cultural norms of capitalism and individualism, we push against systems of oppression laid in place for generations. We, at Misfit Creative, recognize that even as a queer, trans, gender-non-conforming family, our ability to do this work, our access to knowledge, our funds to start a business, our familial support, our recognition within our communities, and our platform is rooted in white privilege. As such, we choose to be actively abolitionist and anti-racist, both personally and as a company.

A radically different kind of business

  • Our employees are valued family members and not cogs in a machine
  • Children are welcome in the workplace and not viewed as a burden or nuisance 
  • Sick time, vacation time, mental health days, and parental leave are unlimited
  • Profits are shared among all who contribute to our vision through their labor and re-investment into the business to expand or improve processes is an open discussion for everyone from the founding partners to the newest part-timer
  • Everyone is welcomed and celebrated to contribute within their ability level. Disability, chronic illness, or neurodivergence is not a hindrance here
  • We believe people perform better when seen as they truly are - that means no mandated work attire, no hair standards, no prohibitions on piercings or tattoos, and eating/drinking/taking a breather/using the restroom as your body needs to throughout the day is welcome and encouraged
  • Both emotional support animals and service animals have a place here
  • Bodily autonomy and consent is paramount
  • Pregnancy is not a disqualifying condition of work
  • LGBTQ+ individuals and all family structures from monogamy to polyamory are not just seen but fully respected, uplifted, and celebrated as equally valid

Every dollar you spend here helps to build that vision, one we hope to see adopted by more and more workplaces within our lifetime!

Commitment to sustainability

At Misfit Creative, we are passionate about protecting our planet. The team recycles as much as humanly possible; every single scrap of clay trimmed off the wheel and unused gets re-wedged into usable clay for another piece! We also know how draining kiln usage is on electricity. That's why we are continuously keeping tabs on our overall carbon footprint and putting our money where our mouth is. 

Every shipment from Misfit Creative is Carbon Neutral.

We take funds from every purchase to invest in planet-saving endeavors to eliminate our burden of carbon emissions on the world around us. Because a beautiful world isn't just filled with art; it's a world that lasts long enough our grandchildren can enjoy that art too. 

It takes a community

Before you spend money with us, we ask you to consider donating to these important causes below.

Planned Parenthood

National Network of Abortion Funds

The National Bail Fund Network

Transgender Law Center

The Trevor Project

WeCause (Support for Black Owned Businesses)

Please also make sure to visit and lift up local Maryland Artists of Color when shopping for handmade goods.

Black Arts District

Asian Pasifika Arts Collective

Last, but never least, don't forget to register to vote.

Visit Vote Save America for more information.