Kiln Rental

We feel strongly about making sure emerging ceramic artists have access to what they need to become successful. We also know the huge investment of financial resources AND space required to own one's own kiln is often prohibitive for marginalized artists. We offer kiln space rentals for bisque firing to cone 04 and glaze firing to cone 6 for potters in the greater Baltimore, Maryland, area. Other firing cones and schedules are happily accommodated based on need.

Currently, our studio has one Skutt 818-3 electric kiln with Easy View controller upgrade. Our kiln has a max firing temp of Cone 10 (2350F), with inside dimensions (inches) of 17 Diameter x 18 High, providing 2.3 cubic feet of firing space.

You may rent kiln space by the half-kiln or full-kiln. Rental prices reflect kiln maintenance costs in addition to electric costs; our priority is making art accessible, not making profit.


Reach out for more information regarding availability and pricing