Commissioned Work


To create custom commissioned works, we collaborate with you to make a piece that fits your vision and doesn't break your bank. Everything from color and size to texture, clay body, and finishing detail is fully customizable. And if you don't know exactly what you want, don't worry — we'll help along the way to design a piece that speaks to you.


Unlike big box stores with tons of automated processes, cheap components and supplies, overseas customer care lines, and employees making minimum wage, every single one of our pieces is made completely by hand, a painstakingly long process with a high risk of failure at every step. In fact, just one of our simplest handmade mugs has over 21 steps to complete in a process that takes weeks before it's ready to head home with you! We also have a unique profit-sharing and care approach to how we treat our employees (read more on that here) — this means a living wage for everyone. Our prices support that important vision, as well as place an appropriate value on the commodification of our artwork as a means for our survival. 

We strive for transparency in pricing. During the commission process, we are committed to being upfront about how much your dream design will cost. Commission agreements are prepared for signature of both parties, so there are never any surprises with hidden fees later on. We will also never take offense if you tell us up front what your budget is, or that a quote we gave is more than what you can accommodate right now.

If you're anything like us however, you're still wondering what that bottom line much is a damn mug? See below for our current range estimates, but keep in mind, availability of supplies in an ever-changing global market means these are always subject to change.

Teenies (Spoon rests, ring dishes, trinket trays, etc under 6"): $15-$28+

Ornaments: $20-$35+

Tumblers: $25-$45+

Plates/Platters (6" and larger): $28-$85+

Mugs: $35-$65+

Luminaries/Candle Sticks: $35-$98+

Bowls: $35-$150+

Put a Lid on it (jars, urns, fermentation crocks, etc): $45-$150+

Pitchers: $55-$150+

Espresso Sets: $58-$198+

Carafe Sets: $85+

Sake Sets: $98-$250 +

Teapots: $85-$250+

Vases (under 6"): $25-$55+

Vases (6" and larger): $58-$398+

Five-Piece Formal Place Settings (Cup, saucer/bread plate, dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl): $188-$398+


We are happy to take deposits on commission orders over $150, as well as allowing flexible payment plans.


Reach out to start the disucssion around a one-of-a-kind piece of art made specifically for you.