Help! Your store is empty. How can I buy your pieces?

Not to worry, my friend! The nature of one-of-a-kind, handmade ceramics from an independent artist means our pieces are incredibly rare. Does that mean you have no hope of ever owning one? Not at all! The majority of our collectors collaborate with us on commissioned ceramics - pieces that you & one of our artists will design together. That means not only do you not have to try and 'snipe' a favorite during one of our limited website stockings, it also gives you incredible insight into the artistic process AND the guarantee of a piece that is truly YOU at heart. Get the commission process started with our intake form here.

If you're of the ilk that just can't handle the wait for a custom-designed piece, we've got something for you too! Several times a year we aim to restock our web store with a variety of ready-to-ship items. They're first come, first serve, and go FAST. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list here and follow us on Instagram here for insider alerts on when our next restock will be happening. We've even been known to throw the occasional ready-to-ship item on Instagram just for fun! Then, set your alarms for restock day- you're going to want your fastest fingers geared up to snag your favorites.

I'm thinking about placing a commission order, but I'm on a budget. How much do your designs cost?

If there's one thing we understand here at Porter House, it's life on a shoestring! At times, Porter has more than embodied the definition of "starving artist" (and their partner will let you in on a secret- Porter is still a prepper for those times of famine, even when there's feasting!). What that translates to is transparency in pricing as much as possible. We will not hesitate to be up front with you during the commission process about how much your dream design will cost and we prepare commission agreements for signature of both parties, so there are never any surprises with hidden fees later on. We will also never take offense if you tell us up front what your budget is, or that a quote we gave is more than what you can accommodate right now. We are always happy to make alternate suggestions that get you close to your ideal piece, while dropping the price to a more comfortable level. Everything from color and size to texture, clay body, and finishing details is up for discussion. We are also happy to take deposits on commission orders over $150.00 and allow flexible payment plans. If you're anything like us however, you're still wondering what that damn bottom line is....how much is a mug?? See below for our current range estimates, but keep in mind- availability of supplies in an ever-changing global market means these are always subject to change.

Mugs: $35-$65+

Tumblers: $25-$45+

Bowls: $35-$150+

Plates/Platters (6" and larger): $28-$85+

Teenies (Spoon rests, ring dishes, trinket trays, etc under 6"): $15-$28+

Ornaments: $20-$35+

Luminaries/Candle Sticks: $35-$98+

Put a Lid on it (jars, urns, fermentation crocks, etc): $45-$150+

Pitchers: $55-$150+

Carafe Sets: $85+

Sake Sets: $98-$250 +

Espresso Sets: $58-$198+

Teapots: $85-$250+

Vases (6" and larger): $58-$398+

Vases (under 6"): $25-$55+

Five-Piece Formal Place Settings (Cup, saucer/bread plate, dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl): $188-$398+

*Gulp* Why is it all so EXPENSIVE?

We're so glad you asked! Unlike big box stores with tons of automated processes, cheap ingredients/supplies, overseas customer care lines, and employees making minimum wage - we do things at Porter House a bit differently! Every single one of our pieces is made completely by hand, a painstakingly long process with a high degree of failure risk. In fact, just one of our simplest handmade mugs has over 21 steps to complete in a process that takes weeks before it's ready to head home with you! We also have a unique profit-sharing and care approach to how we treat our employees (read more on that here). This means a living wage for everyone at Porter House! Our prices support that important vision, as well as place an appropriate value on the commodification of our artwork as a means for our survival. 


Oh no - my piece arrived in the mail broken! What do I do?

Porter House Pottery lovingly packs each of our pieces by hand in multiple layers of fully recyclable or compostable materials. While we do our best to ensure even the heaviest handling by package services won't harm your piece, occasional shipping accidents do occur. This is why all our shipments are insured. Should your piece(s) arrive broken, we are happy to assist you with any necessary information to file an insurance claim with UPS to receive a refund of your purchase price less shipping fees, or to remake your piece if possible. 

I ordered two of the 'same' item - why aren't they identical?

One of the most beautiful aspects of buying handmade is that every single piece is one-of-a-kind. Even two mugs made by the same artist's hands, with the same materials, to the same specifications will come out of finished with what we call "Kiln Magic". This magic puts that extra-special-spicy twist on each piece. A drip here, a color variation there, a little sway in this piece, a little tilt in another. We can never guarantee any two pieces will be identical in any way, but we certainly do our best to make sets cohesive in an exceptionally unique way!